Zacharius  Ziegler 

Needs a Kidney

About Zach

Zach has a life threatening medical condition called Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) and needs a kidney transplant.

Zach grew up in Nyack, New York, but currently lives in California. He is someone who likes to educate and inspire others.

At the current time Zach has 2% total kidney function and is on dialysis for ten hours everyday, which is keeping him alive.

He dreams about being healthy enough to work full time, have a dog again, and take care of his family.

information about live organ donation, please contact the Cedars Sinai Living Donor Program

Spread the Word

Spread the Word

Thank you for taking the time to read this post!

I am writing you to share the struggle I have been going through due to an unfortunate health issue.

I have been diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease called Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). This past year my kidney function has deteriorated rapidly and my kidneys can no longer support my body. This is known as kidney failure (End Stage Renal Disease)

Kidney transplant is the treatment which has the strongest effect on a person’s quality of life; however, it is very challenging to receive a kidney transplant due to a nationwide shortage of deceased donors. Unfortunately, I may have to wait 10 years before a suitable organ is found, unless a living donor candidate comes forward. While awaiting a transplant, I am hooked up to dialysis machine for ten hours everyday. Dialysis is extremely hard on the body, and even for short durations, has been shown to negatively impact a person’s health and longevity.

Many people think we already are doing our part by declaring ourselves organ donors by officially registering our intentions with the DMV or directly through the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, however, the nation’s organ shortage cannot rely on deceased donation alone. Despite continuing advances in medicine and technology, the demand for organs drastically exceeds the number of organ donors.

My health has been strongly effected by PKD, and I am reaching out to my family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, and altruistic individuals in the community to take a moment and consider living organ donation.

Through living donation, you can make the difference in my or someone else’s life while you are still living! Living donors not only help those in need get a healthy living organ; they also prevent those in need from getting sicker or die while they wait for a deceased organ donor.

I am hoping you or someone you know might be willing to consider being a living donor.

If you think you are interested in being a Living Donor or if you'd like to get additional information about live organ donation, please contact the Cedars Sinai Living Donor Program toll free at (800) 303-6235 or (310) 423-2641 or by e-mailing

If you think you' be a good candidate to donate please fill out the Columbia Presbyterian Kidney Transplant Online Living Donor Questionnaire

or the Mayo Clinic Kidney Transplant Questionnaire

A Word From a Friend

Most of us will never know, or can even really imagine what it can possibly feel like being in such a serious situation as Zach is in. We go thru life taking for granted our days and future, not even with a slightest thought that we could ever end up in such a life threatening situation. 

Many of us, at one time or another in our lives, have needed a small hand up. Zach needs a big hand up, to help with expenses just waiting and hoping for a kidney. Even if he is lucky enough to get that kidney, there will be huge expenses for drugs to maintain the rest of his life. 

Unfortunately most insurance companies will cap the Rx expenses, likely leaving a huge amount of expense for him every year of his life. We all need to take a couple of minutes to think what it would be like to be in Zach’s shoes, and donate now. Best to you Zach, 

.. Michael Aceto

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Zach is Actively Listed at the Following Transplant Centers

Mayo Clinic

Phoenix, AZ 

Mayo Clinic Questionnaire

Cedars Sinai

Los Anges, CA

Cedars Sinai Living Donor Program toll free at (800) 303-6235 or (310) 423-2641 or by e-mailing

Columbia Presbyterian 

New York, NY 

(212) 305-6469

Columbia Presbyterian Kidney Transplant Questionnaire